Everybody Says So (Limited Edition 3 Track Blockchain Release)

Everybody Says So (Limited Edition)

Limited Edition 3 Track EP with blockchain revenue share (300 copies only)

Limited Edition (300 copies)

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Fans can become an integral part of this project with an innovative crowd revenue share feature. There will only be 300 limited edition digital copies of the single featuring 2 extra specially recorded bonus tracks. Along with an official blockchain record of support, the 300 backers will also get a revenue share of worldwide sales using colored coin sidechain technology. The single is released on Nov 27th.

You can buy the special edition EP using AudioCoin (ADC) or Paypal (Strictly limited to 300 copies)

To participate directly in the revenue share you need a coinprism wallet and asset address which you can get free here. You'll then input your asset address when you buy the limited edition on this page.
Details of the revenue share can be found here
Don't worry if you're not sure how the wallet/asset system works, you can still participate. We have a default nominee address and we'll collect the revenue share on your behalf - just make sure you input your email address so we can contact you.

If you are still unsure about the process you can find more details here or use the direct links below

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Written & Produced By Joni Fuller, 'Everybody Says So' Mixed & Mastered by Kev Bolus



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Everybody Says So (Limited Edition 3 Track Blockchain Release)
Everybody Says So (Limited Edition 3 Track Blockchain Release)
  • Everybody Says So
  • Four Letter Word
    (30 sec. sample)
  • Wild Wild West
    (30 sec. sample)


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